Backup Generator Installations in Walden, NY

Emergencies never give us a warning, and sometimes it’s vital to keep the lights and heat going in your home or business. When a natural or manmade disaster shuts the power off, a backup generator can save a lot more than just the food in your refrigerator. Don’t be left cold and in the dark when a storm hits; trust our team at Walden Plumbing & Heating to install a reliable generator that suits your property’s needs.


Why Get a Backup Generator?

Backup generators come with a long list of benefits that are sometimes hard to realize might be a necessity until it’s too late. Whether you’re a homeowner or you run a business, it’s up to you to protect those inside your property. One way to keep everyone safe and comfortable during an emergency or bad storm is by allowing professionals like us to install a natural gas generator on the property. 

What Are the Benefits?

     Backup generators will automatically turn on if you lose power.

     Our generators are installed by licensed electricians for safety.

     There’s a wide range of options to make sure a generator fits into your budget.

     Generators will keep your business, employees, home, and family safer.

     Vital equipment and appliances can continue to run in the event of an outage.

At Walden Plumbing & Heating, we can install natural gas generators, gasoline generators, or diesel generators. 

Contact Our Experts

Call Walden Plumbing & Heating today for a free estimate on a new backup generator for your property. A team member will happily answer all of your questions and concerns and help you go through options to make the right choice for your home or business. 

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